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This website shows your current location on google maps with latitude and longitude, including your address, city and state. All this thanks to the GPS coordinates of your smartphone or the approximation of your computer's browser via wired or wi fi connection.

Where am I?

Show your present location on map and allow you share which address the neighborhood is in. This site gives you a quick overview of the area here or on Google maps.

What is my location now?

It is suitable for computers and mobile phones as well. Where Am I app offers all functions like a Web tool with fewer functions like IP address lookup. It also provides additional features that web tools do not offer, including saving addresses for later usage.

For instance, the user could share the location address and send them directly into their friends' accounts if they need them later to return.

Where am I now? is a free tool with which you can find where am I right now on the map. This tool shows your exact location with latitude and longitude on the map coordinates. To find your current location, all you need is a stable Internet connection and a location-enabled device.

You can use the My Current Location tool now to find your current location, including your address, country, state, city and GPS coordinates with latitude and longitude on google maps. With this service we offer, through web browser and google maps, with a simple click, you can save and share via email, whatsapp, telegram your position on screen.

My location tool works for both mobile devices and your computer. If you are using an Android device or iPhone, then to see your location, you have to enable that option. But if you are using a laptop or PC, then there is no need to do anything special, since it will show your current location according to your IP address, except if your computer has GPS connection.

What is my latitude and longitude?

The GPS coordinates, are:

Latitude means the angle at which a point on the equator's north - south lies. Longitude is the horizontal distance to the point east or west of Greenwich, England, or west from its standard meridian. Latitude and longitude values are representative to show your location on the map.

The degrees between longitudes and latitude range between -90° and 90° and can be expressed in meters and seconds. The where am I tool locates your current location and locates its longitude, you can also use the tool for other GPS devices.

How it works?

To find out where I am, this web application uses geolocation technology integrated in your browser, which has access to your current location. Geolocation will find your location using the location coordinates, which are the precise location of a point on earth.

To use our location services, we need to get your permission to use geolocation.

When you visit our site, your browser will show you the message wants to Know your locatio" or"Allow location acces", simply select"Allow" to give us permission.

If you are on a smartphone, you will also need to enable the location feature. Otherwise, without your permission, it will not be able to find your current location.

For security and privacy reasons, we do not store your location on our website and do not share it with anyone. Your location will be lost once you leave our site.

What can I do with my location?

There are many ways to use the "My current location" tool. Here are some situations in which our application can be useful to you.

When you are lost

If you are lost and don't know how to get home. I don't know where I am and I want to get out of there as soon as possible. With the location tool, you can find the exact address, as well as the longitude, latitude, as well as see the map of the current location. With the help of the map, you can navigate around the area and get out sooner. In the same way, you can share your location so that you can be helped to get out of that place.

Meeting someone

If you want to meet someone at a certain place, but you are not sure what the address is. You can use the tool and show your current location and then share the link with that person.

Road trip

When you are on a road trip and exploring a new neighborhood, you can quickly find where you are and the places around you. You can use the map to find nearby parks or roads and get a general idea of the area you are in without the car navigation system.

Find current location on Google Maps

How can I lose myself? What do you think of the predefined area of the site? What are your geographies? This service can be accessed from a desktop computer or from a phone. This location finder application uses GoogleMap's Geolocation API for its search. The app provides the exact location of the device based off your IP address, cellular tower and WiFi network.

Postal address with reverse search

The software can be used with reverse geocoding for your current latitude / longitude coordinates. In Google Earth you can input latitude and longitude for an accurate date of satellite photos. Geocoders can display a city, suburb or town name in your postal code.

Does work on my mobile phone?

The tool works perfectly on your phone or any other mobile device, just as it works on a desktop computers. Just like the browser, you have to activate the location feature on your phone for it to work. To know where I am, I must be sure to have this feature activated.

How can I share my location via WhatsApp?

To share your location url via WhatsApp, simply click on the button with the
WhatsApp logo to share your location via WhatsApp.

How can I share my location via Telegram?

In the same way, to share your location via Telegram, just click on the Telegram logo button to share your location via Telegram.

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